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If you’d liked to get to know a bit more about me and my events, check out this fun radio interview featuring yours truly! The episode isn’t all that new — but everything in it is still on point. Press play below and listen in as I give Jack the inside scoop on my Curvy Fling events. I also share some great tips for single men, talk about my personal lifestyle and business experience, and much more. I hope you enjoy it!


Curvy Encounters NYC has been hosting its Curvy Fling, NYC’s premiere on-premise BBW swingers event, at Bowery Bliss every Wednesday night. It’s been a wonderful and super sexy run, however, on Wednesday, August 31st the Curvy Encounters crew will be having their last party at Bowery Bliss. But fear not!! The Curvy Fling fun will keep on going each and every Wednesday at it’s new home: Pendulum NYC.. and you haven’t been to Pendulum yet, you’re in for a treat!!

Never been to a Curvy Fling!? Curvy Fling is the hottest BBW play party in Manhattan! When we say BBW, we mean any and all women who are “thick, “big boned”, “heavy”, “curvy”, or simply big and beautiful. All shapes, sizes and colors are welcome! You don’t need to be a curvy to get in on the Wednesday night fun, and obviously, all BBW admirers are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Curvy Encounters NYC founder, Becca, is the lovely hostess at all Curvy Fling events. These parties are perfect for both veteran and newbie swingers, as they are in a pressure free environment that is monitored by discreet and knowledgeable staff members.

Sign up for the events here on our website.

So it's finally Spring! We've been keeping warm all winter anyway, but it sure is nice to see the grass again! I was beginning to forget what it looks like.

We have some very exciting news here at Adult Socials! To celebrate the new season, we've started up our very own YouTube channel.

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You’re probably already up to date on your Swinger Vocabulary. But if you’ve been missing out, you can still brush up on the popular terms right here in our blog!

Popular Swinger Terms

Lifestyle - short for “swinger lifestyle”, this is a term that is often used to describe the swinger community and anything having to do with swinging

How long have you been in the lifestyle?
We try to attend lifestyle events at least twice a month.
(Please note that even though this term implies that swinging defines someone’s entire lifestyle. This is usually not the case.)

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