So you’re curious about kinky sex, huh? Well you’re not alone! Kinky sex can be a lot of fun, but initially bringing it up to your partner if you’re in a relationship can be scary. Here are some suggestions and tips to make it a bit easier to get over your apprehension and get on to the good stuff!

First of all, there are so many different types of “kinky sex” acts. From mild to wild, there are plenty of new things you can try with your partner to spice up your sex life. Chances are, your partner will be just as excited as you are to try new things. Still, you should always be sure to talk to your partner first.

You may already be sure of the fetish your looking to explore, or maybe you just know you’re bored of your current routine. Things as simple as dressing up and role playing can really change the level of excitement. Maybe you’re a bit of an exhibitionist and would enjoy having sex in a semi-public or even public place. In the last blog I discussed threesomes, maybe that’s what you’d like to try. Maybe you’re curious about swinging or BDSM. Surely the list could go on and on.

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I found this article the other day and I thought it pretty interesting. I've been big my entire life. No one could ever accuse me of being skinny. It took me a long time to accept myself for who I am - but now that I have embraced by size - I wouldn't have it any other way.

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What an amazing start to 2015!  I had some concerns that people were going to let the cold keep them home for our first party of the year - but the fabulous people of NY proved me wrong. 

There was a great crowd on January 7th and the party was rockin’ and rollin’ early.  The turn outs for the parties just keeps getting better and better.  I hope to see everyone again and meet more people on January 21st for the next Curvy Fling.

The holiday season has crept up upon me and I am looking forward to taking a few weeks off to spend with my family....There are so many exciting things to keep everyone informed. 

First - We are getting our new logo for Christmas!  I am super excited.  As quick and I get a chance to review the final product we will be posting it here.

Second - Beginning in January, we will have some new features added to the website.  I'm working with the web developers to get the ball rolling and they are keeping me up to date with progress.  It is difficult for me to translate ideas in my head to the computer. Our web developers are pretty patient.   Everyone is working to keep up with the schedule.  

We are definately looking forward to an exciting new year! We have one last party on December 17th and I hope to see everyone there.