So you’re curious about kinky sex, huh? Well you’re not alone! Kinky sex can be a lot of fun, but initially bringing it up to your partner if you’re in a relationship can be scary. Here are some suggestions and tips to make it a bit easier to get over your apprehension and get on to the good stuff!

First of all, there are so many different types of “kinky sex” acts. From mild to wild, there are plenty of new things you can try with your partner to spice up your sex life. Chances are, your partner will be just as excited as you are to try new things. Still, you should always be sure to talk to your partner first.

You may already be sure of the fetish your looking to explore, or maybe you just know you’re bored of your current routine. Things as simple as dressing up and role playing can really change the level of excitement. Maybe you’re a bit of an exhibitionist and would enjoy having sex in a semi-public or even public place. In the last blog I discussed threesomes, maybe that’s what you’d like to try. Maybe you’re curious about swinging or BDSM. Surely the list could go on and on.

As a general rule, the more the kinky act veers from your current routine, the more time you should give your partner to let it sink in. So if it’s something pretty mild, you may want to introduce it while you two are already having sex. If it’s something more wild, you may want to sit your partner down and discuss how they feel about it first.

Videos and books can definitely be your friend! If you already watch porn with your partner, then you shouldn’t have any problem introducing you’re kinky curiosity to him/her in video form. Books are great too! We all know that even the extremely mainstream 50 Shades of Grey had women across the world looking to add some excitement into their sex lives. If you have a partner that enjoys reading, this can be an easy way to educate them on what you want to try.

Remember that sex is supposed to be something that you and your partner both really enjoy. Being open and honest about sex is a healthy part of any relationship. Even though I believe sex should never be taken too seriously, I also believe it can be a huge contributing factor in making or breaking a relationship. Wether you find that you’re truly unhappy with your sex life or if you’re just curious to try some new things, you should let your partner know right away. They may even surprise you with some fun and kinky suggestions of their own!

Now get away from your computer screen and go add some kinky fun to your sex life!