Curvy Encounters was started in 2010 by Rebecca Clarke. A sexy, plus-size woman who was tired of feeling uncomfortable about her weight when she went out socially. She was stylish, well read and articulate, a successful publicist and never had a problem getting a date. But whenever she went to a club or party she always felt like the odd person out.

So she tried BBW-specific events and soon realized that many of the women who attended, while attractive, had a skewed perception of the phrase “if you have it flaunt it”. And the guys...oh the guys...rude pushy men who felt you should be flattered, even worse, appreciative, of their attention.

This prompted her to start Curvy Encounters. Where plus-size women of style were the norm…women who had it all together...knew who they were…and loved it.

Now her events attract plus sized models as well as single moms. Whether "thick, "big boned", "heavy", "curvy", or whatever adjective you prefer to use; all shapes, sizes and colors all with one thing in common… Class!

And of course it follows that the quality of the men that attend a Curvy Encounters event match the style of the women they are attracted to. That is to say they are not settling for a BBW…They WANT a BBW.

Curvy Encounters events are private. You need to sign up in advance to attend. Most events are not even listed on the website but are by private invitation only. Events are split into two different categories. There are the social events, where single women are interested in finding Mr. Right…and the more spicy events where hot BBWs are looking for Mr. Right NOW!

Whoever you are, a classy BBW, a couple with a classy BBW or a single guy who is attracted to classy BBW’s, Curvy Encounters is for you!